(Demo) What is a Support Ticket and Why We Don’t Use That Term

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Support tickets, customer service ticketing systems, help desk tickets — these terms are ubiquitous in the customer service software landscape. Most support software on the market uses “ticketing” to describe what their help desk does, because… that’s just what it’s called.

But the term “support ticket” is impersonal. It evokes memories of sitting in the DMV waiting for hours for the number on a small slip of paper to be called. And that’s probably not the mindset you want your customers to have at the very beginning of their interactions with your support team.

Every customer service expert knows that choosing the right words matters. That’s why here at Help Scout, we approach customer interactions as conversations — not support tickets.

What is a support ticket?
“Support ticket” is a term popularized by support software to describe an interaction between customers and support teams. When customers have problems, they open support tickets. Service representatives interact with customers by responding to support tickets. When the issue is resolved, the ticket is closed.


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