All Aboard on the Engineering Highway

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All you need to know about Engineering in Malaysia! 

Engineering remains one of the most popular programs that students go for, not only in Malaysia, but across the globe. This is one of the most traditional programs out there but yet engineering continues to be in demand no matter what. But what really is engineering? To explain to a five year old, I would put it like engineering helps to make life easier for people. They basically solve problems. Our lives have been made easier because of numerous engineering feats. I mean look around you. You’re probably reading this on your mobile or laptop in an airconditioned room and these are all made possible with engineering. A more detailed and complicated answer would be engineering takes the knowledge in science and put it into application. So if you are an engineer, you will be using the knowledge you learn in your science class (physics, chemistry…) and put it into use. An engineer is not a scientist. 

A scientist studies science for the sake of…science. They discover new elements in science like this and this. An engineer uses the law discovered by scientists and puts it into application. 

Then we have four most essential engineering practices that every civilization needs – Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Every city, small or big, need these engineers to operate. In addition, you have very specialised engineering program such as Petroleum Engineering, Aviation Engineering, Nanotechnology Engineering amongst the handful of it. 

Getting an Engineering Degree

The usual pathway in order to get an engineering degree is by doing a year of foundation in engineering or science. Students need to do Physics, Chemistry and Additional Maths in their secondary school to be eligible to enter engineering.  Engineering degree here take 4 years upon completion. In the first year, you basically do a common engineering year where it is the same across the board regardless of the engineering program you chose. You will then enter into your specialised field starting from the second year and there is a research project in the final year. Engineering degrees in Malaysia are accredited by the Board of Engineering Malaysia. This means they are the governing body in Malaysia that determines if graduates from a particular university can go on to qualify in becoming a professional engineer later.

Becoming a Professional Engineer

Professional engineers in Malaysia are governed by the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM). BEM requires you to possess a Degree in order to be able to apply to become a professional engineer in Malaysia. Good thing is that BEM has listed down all the accredited programs offered by universities in Malaysia on their website here. Certified professional engineers carry the title Ir. before their name. A 2-3 year Diploma program nor a 3 years engineering Degree will not get you there. After graduating, you will need to work for a couple of years before being eligible to be recognized as a professional engineer. 

How about studying overseas? 

While the BEM does not recognize any universities overseas, they are one of the signatory members of the Washington Accord. This means that your overseas engineering degree has to be recognized by the country’s engineering board and the country must be one of the members of Washington Accord. 

Curtin University Malaysia offers 6 engineering degree program which all fully recognized by BEM.

So we took the list of all recognized engineering programs (and their foundation) offered by private universities in Malaysia and compiled them onto this spreadsheet for your reference.  Click the link below and talk to us today to find out which of these universities suit you best! 


Further study is difficult. Trust us! We have been there too. Let us put you on a pathway where you’ll thrive.

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